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Northeast Private Trustees serves as an independent, professional, corporate fiduciary and provides support services to law firms and individuals – anywhere

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Changing With the Times

The rise in the use of trusts in estate planning is yielding an increased demand for services to family and professional trustees, law firms, and accountants.

The change in the Baby Boomer generation away from will-based plans to trust-based planning is palpable to anyone working in the field.

Personal, Reliable, Collaborative.

Professional trustees have traditionally been of two varieties: the bank trust company or large law firm. While each of these has their strengths – size and sophistication vs. personal touch – they are not a good fit for everyone.

Northeast Private Trustees offers clients a trustee who knows their family, together with the permanence they would find in an institution. 

NPT collaborates with longtime financial advisors and family for a perfect blend of family rapport, professionalism and confidence. 

We were Founded with Family in Mind.

When the time comes, Northeast Private will handle all the trust administration, as trustees were meant to do, freeing up families to be family, nothing more. And, freeing financial advisors,  lawyers and accountants to do what they do best. This is what you have been asking for. This is exactly what we offer.

To Guard and to Guide. 

For the long haul, we exist to be the sentry at the door to guide family wealth and well-being. We will be in a continual relationship with beneficiaries and advisors, producing the results clients always wanted for their families.

We compassionately and objectively protect your wealth, guiding the next generation to build on what you began in your lifetime. Because we do not directly manage investments or funds, we have no conflicts of interest when it comes to guarding your legacy. 

About Us

Through decades of law practice, we have learned that being a good trust lawyer is different from being a good trustee.

At Northeast Trustees, our trust executives and officers understand what it means to apply theory to real-life situations.

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Paul Cusano, Tax Consultant
Kevin Stiles, Senior Trust Advisor
Marc Cusano, VP, CFO, Trust Executive
Tim Borchers, President, Trust Executive

  • Where We Serve

    Northeast Private Trustees is a trustee service company with offices in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, for trusts administered in both of these states.

  • Affiliates

    Northeast Trustees affiliates with investment advisors, accountants, law firms, senior living advisors, property managers, specialized trustees, and others to conduct many management and advisory functions.

  • Legal Info

    Northeast Private Trustee Services, Ltd. (NPT) can administer trusts created in any jurisdiction from its offices in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The corporation has trust powers under Mass. Gen. Laws c. 203 and trust administration authority under N. H. Rev. Statutes c. 564-B. NPT is not a trust company, has no capital requirement, and is not regulated by state banking commissions, the Securities and Exchange Commission or the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. The company is not a Registered Investment Advisor nor does it render investment or legal advice.

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For Families
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For Professionals

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