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Avoid Problems Settling Your Parents' Estate

April 10, 2024

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In this webinar, Attorney Mackenzie Hager, Esq., LL.M., outlines the general timeline for an estate administration while pinpointing the top three common challenges encountered along the way:

1. Lack of Guidance: Many Personal Representatives or Trustees find themselves in uncharted territory, unsure of their roles and responsibilities.

2. Managing Expectations: Balancing the needs and expectations of family members can often pose significant challenges during an estate administration.

3. Navigating Bad Advice: Sometimes, the decedent’s prior decisions or advice lead to unforeseen complications for the Personal Representative or Trustee.

Through compelling case studies, Mackenzie illustrates how these issues manifest and, more importantly, provides invaluable insights into how they can be effectively addressed and resolved. Don’t miss out on this expert discussion that sheds light on the complexities of estate administration and offers practical solutions for success.

How to be a Good Trustee

February 7, 2024

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Learn what a trustee is responsible for with these 4 C’s:

  1. Custody – The first job of a trustee is to hold title to investments, real estate, even cash, under a fiduciary standard. Effective investment policy from professional advisors and excellent record keeping are required.
  2. Care – The trust instrument directs how to care for the beneficiaries. There may also be some reading between the lines of text – and trust law – before distributing to enhance the beneficiaries’ lives.
  3. Collaboration – Two-way communication with beneficiaries is essential to running a trust today. The beneficiaries must have a say in how their trust is used and trustees need to be good listeners.
  4. Compliance – Exciting! Just kidding. But filing taxes and obeying trust laws keep trustees within their own guardrails.

Discover the keys to effective trustee responsibilities and gain additional valuable insights from our President and Trust Executive, Timothy Borchers.